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Sometimes it takes a holiday to gain inspiration

We had a summer holiday at Great Barrier Island. What a beautiful place; clean beaches, hot pools in the river, mature native forest, flocks of boisterous kaka, a wonderful sense of community and creativity abounding. This space from routine allowed me time to think. I saw I had two distinct ‘strings to my bow’, my creativity as a ceramic artist and my instinctive healing abilities and I wondered how I could combine them. That is where the vision of Unwind with Clay came into being – it just popped into my head.

I was becoming aware of the effects of stress on our health and on our ability to enjoy life. I was also becoming aware of the blocks many of us have around expressing ourselves and our creativity. “I’m not creative”, “I couldn’t do that”, “I get so nervous when I have to talk in front of people”. All these issues are linked to the energy centre in our body called the throat chakra which influences not only our creativity and communication but plays a major role in keeping the systems of our physical body balanced and maintained therefore acting as a guardian of our health.

Unwind with Clay would create an opportunity for those who have always ‘wanted to have a go’ to do just that.  This would let people get in touch with their creativity and be beneficial to their health – the two strings of the bow were starting to harmonise.

I could see we had the perfect situation to develop a one-day workshop as long as I could convince my husband Peter to share his studio space and be the glazer and firer of the clay works that would be created. Peter has been a professional potter for more than thirty years  and the studio/workshop overlooks Kauri Park. People often comment on how peaceful it is and how they feel far away from the rush of the city even though we are only six minutes from the harbour bridge in Auckland.

The first step was passed when Peter agreed to ‘give it a go’ now it was up to me to organise it.

This part was surprisingly easy as there was a lot of interest from individuals and groups so the first Unwind with Clay came into being in May 2013. It lived up to its name and we made sure it was a stress free day for all. I incorporated relaxation techniques and ‘creativity’ essences into the day. We ate delicious food and laughed and got to know each other and created works that surprised and delighted us all, including Peter who fortunately is happy to share his space on a regular basis.

We currently hold Unwind with Clay one day workshops once a month. Book your place on an upcoming workshop.

You can also get your friends or colleagues together for your own Unwind with Clay workshop. Contact me for more information.



  1. We have just completed another really successful Unwind with Clay. No-one wanted to leave! I love the way everyone interacts and shares ideas – what is created is always unexpected. Often it seems that the creation is hiding in the clay and we just discover it! Hope you can make it to the next one which is almost full already. I think we may have to run them more often. Next one is 8th Sept.

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