I speak on a range of topics including grief & trauma and holistic healing

Are you looking for something different? I can talk to your group about a holistic approach to healing.

Presentation topics include:


A holistic approach to shock, trauma and grief

> Learn techniques to be used when shock occurs

> Grieving holistically to move back into wellness

> Taking care of the whole person- the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual

> Helping a child through grief

> Using The Recovery Kit for trauma, grief and new beginnings


Care for the practitioner and the caregiver

> Learn how to avoid burnout

> Dealing with overwhelm

> How to become a human being not a human doing


Introduction to First light Flower Essences

> Discover the healing power of native New Zealand plants

> Learn how vibrational medicine works

> Discover your personal keynote flower essence and your personality type

> Find how to transform negative mind-sets to positively change your life


For more information or to make a booking please Contact Me.


Where to find us

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New Zealand

tel: +64 (0) 9 418 0544
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email: js@instinctivehealth.co.nz


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