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Jeanette Shearer was sitting in a Christchurch park with her husband Peter, when a woman asked to join them. The woman introduced herself and started talking about the concept of reincarnation and her instinctive ability to know a person’s past life. After some discussion about Peter’s pottery, the woman said to Jeanette “So what do you do?” Jeanette shared her history as a Primary School teacher and that she now, too, was a potter, a ceramic artist in fact, but the woman said “Oh I don’t see a potter I see a healer!” and began to share her knowledge of Jeanette’s past life as a healer!

This was not the first time someone had brought Jeanette into awareness of her purpose to heal. Her eldest son had been told by a healer of Jeanette’s strong healing energy which helped bring her into awareness of her gift.

She began looking into Kinesiology and other alternative forms of medicine but was not drawn to pursue anything further. Around the time of this search, Jeanette experienced a dream depicting a path at a University and a path leading down to a Primary School. Jeanette sensed she did not need to go back down this path, she was already on the right path. When she woke, she believed this was a message to carry on pursuing the teaching of the Sufi way which she had been studying for a number of years and not to go backwards.

A friend also studying the way of the Sufi, recommended a BodyTalk course and while Jeanette did not entirely understand the concept, she completed the course and picked up the skills quickly. She began practicing on family and friends and soon, through word of mouth, she had attracted clients. Jeanette loved seeing the results of BodyTalk working in her clients but after practicing for sometime, began struggling with physical symptoms which came on quickly after some sessions.

By chance, she attended a BodyTalk AGM with a surprise guest speaker that had a solution for the Healer needing self care. Franchelle Ofsoské-Wyber, founder of First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® and Medicine Woman Centre for Shamanic and Esoteric Studies® was speaking on the vulnerability of the healer and the course she had developed that included New Zealand plant based essences.

Franchelle’s talk touched on many areas of Jeanette’s life and she felt a deep knowing that she needed these essences and to complete this Healers course for her own personal well being as well as for her practice and she has continued with her dedication to the Medicine Woman’s shamanic studies since first beginning in 2010.

Accunect was designed for practitioners of mind body consciousness and energy medicine by Dr. Don Ka’imi Pilipovich. Jeanette found beauty in the simplicity of Accunect and feels this connects her with her clients well and compliments her existing practice. These three modalities along with Jeanette Shearer’s gifts of intuitive healing create the foundation for Instinctive Health.

Another area of Jeanette’s life is her work as a ceramic artist and enjoys making ceramic feathers and framed Kete representing the three baskets of knowledge. These can be found in galleries around New Zealand.

Jeanette believes that if her work is right for someone they will come to her. Working in this field can be challenging at times but receiving feedback and testimonials from clients that have experienced relief from emotional, mental, physical and spiritual challenges is more than enough to keep her motivated and grateful to have been given this opportunity to be a facilitator of someones healing.

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