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Unpacking Your Griefcase – a Transformational Workshop

Sunday 13 September 2015

  • Last year when Jeanette and her family were faced with a traumatic loss her training and work with natural medicine and holistic healing gave her the strength and the tools to help both herself and her family handle the shock and find a positive way forward.
  • Jeanette understands the impact loss, grief and/or trauma can have on individuals and her holistic approach covers all aspects of care for your heart, body, mind and soul.
  • We welcome anyone who has experienced loss of any type including loss of a relationship, loss of a loved one, loss of anything in your life that you can’t move on from.
  • You may have experienced trauma personally or you may have been an onlooker and still be impacted by this experience. Sometimes just watching something on TV is enough to trigger the ‘trauma’ reaction. If this sounds familiar this workshop will help you clear the trauma.
  • You will learn techniques for taking you out of ‘fight and flight’ and bringing you back into ‘rest and healing’, essential for clearing shock, stress, anxiety and overwhelm.
  • You will be introduced to the First Light® Natural Health Recovery Kit which contains Trauma Support, Grief Support and New Beginnings Support. These essences, produced from New Zealand native trees and plants have a clearing, balancing and restorative effect.
  • Jeanette has worked as a ceramic artist for many years and her workshops ‘Unwind with Clay’ have now become part of ‘Unpacking Your Griefcase’. No experience is necessary and Jeanette will guide you to find a creativity you never knew you had. This is a very healing process.
  • This supportive day will empower you to discover new beginnings in your life.
    √  I am ready to try something new
      I need to make change in my life
      This workshop sounds right for me
    √  I love the idea of finding my creativity
      It is the right time
      The right time is now
      I have the time
      I am ready

Did you answer YES to any of the above?

We welcome you to join us in a day of sharing, laughter and a few tears. It will be a day of genuine heartfelt relating and healing.

$95 for one day workshop – held in Birkenhead, North Shore, Auckland. Sunday 13 September 9:30am-4:00pm.
Book now by completing the Unpacking Your Griefcase Registration Form

Read on for further details on this transformational workshop.


Your facilitator Jeanette with her grandchildren

Your facilitator Jeanette with her grandchildren


If you would like to sponsor someone in need, either someone you know or a stranger then please Contact Me.

Sponsorship appreciated for the workshop or part thereof.

If this workshop seems right for you but can’t afford the full cost at this time please Contact Me as I hope all who would like to come are able.



Workshop $95

Price includes morning and afternoon tea. Clay is also provided.

Payment can be made by cheque or via direct credit. A deposit of $25 is required to secure your place.


Venue & Timing

Highbury House

110 Hinemoa St

Birkenhead, North Shore, Auckland


Sunday 13 September 2015

9.30am – 4.00pm


Book now

Book now by completing the Unpacking Your Griefcase Registration Form.

If you have any questions or need further information please Contact Me.


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Do you know someone that may benefit from this transformational workshop? Download the Unpacking Your Griefcase Workshop Flyer for e-mailing or printing a copy. Thank you for spreading the word about our Unpacking Your Griefcase workshop.


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