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Feeling stressed? First Light Flower Essences of NZ® to the rescue

Stress seems to be a favourite magazine topic in NZ – especially since the major earthquakes in Christchurch.Doctors are now making connections between the symptoms patients are presenting with and the shock, stress and trauma of the earthquakes.Doctors are also reporting an increase in digestive problems, diarrhoea, palpitations, breathing and heart problems.Stress is a primary precursor to all dis–ease.You may think I’ve misspelt disease but look at the word closely – it adds a new meaning doesn’t it?When we are at ease with life we feel in harmony with what is happening around us and are able to cope with the ups and downs that life presents.However when our nervous system is impacted and often re-impacted with stress, shock and trauma even the smallest thing can create dis-ease.I have found ways to get out of stress or the ‘dis-ease’ state and get back into being ‘at ease’ with life.One of the best methods I have come across is the First Light Flower Essence of New Zealand®  combination essence called De-stress Support.As stated on their flyer this combination essence will help to bring “inner peace and calm, poise and tranquillity; use when stressed, over-stimulated by external stimuli or experiencing excess mental activity.”Recently I re-remembered this essence after somehow forgetting about it for many months -maybe I just hadn’t been stressed and in need myself!The feeling of inner peace and calm was almost instantaneous and what I found happened was the worries that had been going around in my head, which I had been trying to control with little effect, just didn’t seem so earth shattering.The problem still existed but my attachment to the outcome seemed to have melted away.I had a better night sleep too and if I woke in the night I just took some more essence drops.This is a great one to keep in the house or the handbag and take at the first sign of stress.For some of you that could be getting short tempered, for others it may be the ‘so much to do so little time’ which is a very common stress  when you are juggling work and home life and then add kids to the mix and watch out – time for the de-stress bottle.Your kids will respond well to this combination essence as well.Either take 2 – 4 drops straight from the bottle on or under the tongue or put the drops in a glass of water.I always recommend the glass of water option as water is so essential to our good health.To order e-mail me with “De-Stress” in the subject line and include your name and address.Bottles are $25 including freight within New Zealand and payment can be made via internet banking.If you  live outside New Zealand I can also arrange to post this to you at your international address.Get some peace back into your life and order now.Best wishes,


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