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Workshop: Unpacking your Griefcase

Unpacking Your Griefcase – a Transformational Workshop Sunday 13 September 2015 Last year when Jeanette and her family were faced with a traumatic loss her training and work with natural medicine and holistic healing gave her the strength and the tools to help both herself and her family handle the shock and find a positive

Overcoming fear l Instinctive Health

Overcoming my fear of deep water

Forget dipping my toes in Tongan waters – it was go big or go home! Since childhood I have had a fear of deep water and hated stepping across the gap from the wharf to a boat, let alone jumping off the side of boat. Last month I took the attitude that ‘This is OK

Flower essences to help de-stress

Feeling stressed? First Light Flower Essences of NZ® to the rescue Stress seems to be a favourite magazine topic in NZ – especially since the major earthquakes in Christchurch.Doctors are now making connections between the symptoms patients are presenting with and the shock, stress and trauma of the earthquakes.Doctors are also reporting an increase in

Water – the first step to good health

Listen to Your Body!  Your instinctive self knows when it is thirsty. Water – the first step to taking care of your health We all know water is essential for your survival. We can go without food for weeks but without water we will only last a few days.  Why is this? Water is vital

Me, my birth date and flower essences

A natural way to help manage stress and improve the quality of your life First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® have been developed to do just that. They work to restore balance and harmony in your life. Sounds too easy doesn’t it but I know they work so why not find out for yourself. Where do I

The birth of ‘Unwind with Clay’

Sometimes it takes a holiday to gain inspiration We had a summer holiday at Great Barrier Island. What a beautiful place; clean beaches, hot pools in the river, mature native forest, flocks of boisterous kaka, a wonderful sense of community and creativity abounding. This space from routine allowed me time to think. I saw I

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