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A litte bit more about me, my background and my inspiration for Instinctive Health

Twenty years ago I was taught a very simple technique of muscle testing, using my fingers, so I could find out for myself what foods were appropriate for my family – especially for two of them with eczema. I found this technique came naturally and I was soon using it to find simple effective home remedies and alternatives to the antibiotic/paracetamol regime I was familiar with.

When I was introduced, by a friend, to BodyTalk it allowed the ‘instinctive’ understanding of ‘health’ that was developing in me to be integrated into a well-defined system with a holistic approach to healing.

The understanding and experience I had gained from the BodyTalk system allowed me to absorb the learnings of Accunect and seamlessly apply this into my Instinctive Health practice. My continuing search for holistic understanding led me to First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® and they have now become an integral part of my practice. These three modalities are the basis of my Instinctive Health practice but when appropriate I will use other techniques such as the Biotron Light and the Richard Moat technique for dissolving unwanted emotions, a great addition.

My early career as a Primary School Teacher and now as a grandmother of seven means I work naturally with children and babies. I find children respond very quickly to BodyTalk, Accunect and or the essences. These therapies are perfect for the pregnant mum too and can support you throughout your pregnancy, birth and feeding.

In my other life I am a ceramic artist well known for hand making and framing small kete made from clay and often covered with feathers or tiny pieces of paua. These are sold in galleries throughout New Zealand. Recently I began wondering how I could combine my two skills, healing and creativity.  It was then “Unwind With Clay” was born. Read more about the birth of this idea in my blog.

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